Not in Love

My creativity seems to have come back, and it's here in the form of Crystal Castles. I started working with Lisa from Hamerzya on a cover of Not in Love by them. I can't believe it's only been an evening and it's already almost finished. Having never done a cover of any song before (other than for figuring out small melodies and production techniques) I was forced to question my skill in this area. I soon found that it came far easier than I thought, and now we're well on our way to getting some sick "Witch House" out there for you to enjoy. I had heard this song before, but hadn't really listened, and upon working on it, I found that it's full of heart and incredibly raw and interesting writing and structure. I definitely have learned from this, and my creativity seems to have shift into gear again. I have to thank Lisa for pointing me in this direction. Together, we plan on doing some most excellent things very soon.


I can't wait to show you what we've done! Much love, my Rezrats, ~Rayne~

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