I'm working on a project on the side with a good friend of mine (I can't say who just yet), but I'm extremely excited about it. I'm starting to write some DIRTY and GRITTY Electro-Industrial/Aggrotech/EBM, which is a style that I struggled to capture up until recently, but have ALWAYS loved! I'll attach it below for you to preview if you'd like!

Sumthin... real niiiice_8
Download MP3 • 13.88MB

I'm also super excited to have finished the Starset album for Vulkari64 and also to have had the chance to work with SHIKIMO on some great music. Making connections is what this is all about, so it makes me happy when I meet others and create something cool. Hope you all had a good weekend, and look forward to seeing you on the socials! ~Rayne~

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