I'm stuck

Something happens to me from time to time. I suffer from creative slowdown often enough. I have periods of weeks or months where I can't seem to produce music that I like beyond a four to eight bar phrase. I'm the type of person that has to get hooked into something right away, so if an idea I have doesn't create the spark I need to complete it, it fizzles out and goes into my "potentials" folder for later use. I like to think of the potentials folder as the island of incomplete toys. I keep them there in case I get stuck, I might have something to go back to to start me off. My song "Sundered" sat in the potentials folder for a few months before I went back and ended up using it. Right now I just feel empty. Void of ideas and inspiration. The more I want to create, the more I can't. In time, I'll be able to make things again. but for now, I like to think that fate is telling me the world isn't ready yet. With love, I keep faith in my own skill and hope that I'll have the motivation soon. As I work on finalizing the Starset album for Vulkari64, I think it will close a chapter and allow me to breathe again. More to come soon... ~Rayne~

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